Welcoming Our Brazilian Partners to Omega Crushing and Screening

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We had the honour of hosting a delegation from Brazil, including Juca from Vento Sul Equipamentos, Amauri from Máquina Solo, and Jeferson Agostinelli. Their journey over continents to visit our factory in person speaks volumes about the value we place on our global partnerships.



During their visit, our guests delved into the world of Omega machinery. They saw the meticulous attention to detail and innovation that goes into every piece of equipment we produce. It was an exchange of ideas and insights, reinforcing the collaborative ethos that drives our mutual success.


As they explored the factory, our Brazilian partners saw firsthand the dedication that the Omega team brings to our work. From the drawing board to the final nuts and bolts, each machine is a testament to our commitment to excellence. 


And what visit would be complete without experiencing a bit of local culture? We wrapped up our time together with a pint of what makes our corner of the world special. It was a fitting end to a visit that was as much about building relationships as it was about inspecting mechanics.



As we raise our glasses to our esteemed guests from Brazil, we also look forward to the bright future we’re shaping together – one innovative solution at a time.


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