Suttle Stone Quarries Steps into a Greener Future

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A pivotal moment for Suttle Stone Quarries, as they welcomed the arrival of their new crusher from Omega Crushing and Screening.


Equipped with a diesel-electric power pack, this latest addition to their fleet represents a significant stride towards eco-efficiency. At Omega, we understand the importance of balancing operational needs with environmental responsibility, and it’s gratifying to see our machinery align perfectly with this ethos.


We are immensely proud to be part of Suttle Stone Quarries’ journey towards sustainability. As the crusher begins operation at their Mannings Heath Road Depot, it’s set to not only enhance its processing capabilities but also contribute to a reduced environmental footprint.¬†


These steps, big and small, collectively pave the way for a greener, more sustainable industry.


We eagerly anticipate this Omega crusher’s positive impact and are committed to continuing our support for Suttle Stone Quarries as they set new standards in eco-friendly quarrying.


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