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Omega Static Crushing Plant is a perfect fit for recycling firm


When a Leicester aggregate recycling company needed to invest in a new crusher for their yard, the efficiency, simplicity and compactness of the Omega J1065S static jaw crusher made it the number one choice. The electric-drive crusher can be powered by either mains electricity or a diesel generator and has been impressing with its fuel efficiency and ease of maintenance.


GE Recycled Aggregates Ltd is based near Loughborough in Leicester, England. The company serves the Leicester and south Nottingham areas, providing services such as construction waste recycling, skip hire, grab and tipper lorry hire, and materials like topsoil and recycled stone.


When the company made the move to invest in a new crusher for their yard in January 2022, they needed a machine that was compact, powerful and capable of crushing a range of C&D waste materials such as tarmac, asphalt and concrete.The machine chosen was the Omega J1065S – a static, dual-power, electric-drive jaw crusher that can run on either mains electricity or a diesel powerpack.The J1065S is one of a range of dual-power crushers built by Omega Crushing and Screening – a manufacturer based in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland’s home of innovation for crushing and screening.


“We chose the J1065S because it is more compact than our previous crusher and fits nicely in the corner of the yard”, explains Managing Director Gary Elson.Gary goes on to explain that, despite its compact dimensions, the J1065S has the same sizejaw as GE Recycled Aggregates’ previous machine. “It’s also very easy to maintain”, he adds.


Gary also praises the crusher’s ability to process tough materials. “With its electric motor, we have found that it’s very good for crushing tarmac. Our old crusher would slow down while crushing tarmac, whereas the J1065S does not slow down at all”, he says.


Although the company have chosen to run the crusher on diesel power rather than electricity, the Omega is still proving to be an economical investment. Based on diesel prices at the time of writing, the J1065S is costing approximately £150 to run for a full working day, roughly half what the old machine had cost to run for the same amount of time. When Gary connects to main power he will halve the current costs once more.


Thanks to the higher output of the Omega crusher, GE Recycled Aggregates are producing a larger volume of recycled materials than previously. This has allowed them to expand the team recently with the addition of a sales representative.


“As a smaller family firm, investing in the J1065S was a very big step for us but I’m very pleased with the machine and I’m glad that I made the investment”, concludes Gary.

Commenting on the sale, Omega Sales Director Colin Daly says “We are very pleased to have GE Recycled Aggregates on board as an Omega customer. The J1065S is perfectly suited to their C&D waste recycling application, and the efficiency and simple design of the machine are sure to deliver a reduction in both fuel use and downtime.”


Modular and compact


The J1065S consists of the J1065 jaw crusher fitted in a modular assembly which includes a vibrating feeder with a stepped grizzly section and galvanised walkways and handrails. The J1065S is suited to applications such as municipal recycling and C&D waste recycling, or can be used as part of a quarry or mining installation. The plant can even be set up inside a building, thanks to its ability to run emission-free on mains power.


Omega’s machines all use the J1065 single toggle jaw crusher unit. The J1065 has a large feed opening of 1,000 x 650 mm (39.4 x 25.6”). It is driven by a 90 kW (121 hp) electric motor and uses a simple drawback tensioning system. Some other noteworthy points are the heavy-duty shaft installed with premium bearings, the large jaw ejector cylinder, and the bolted mainframe, which provides strength and durability. A deflector plate can be added for recycling applications. The crusher achieves an output of up to 200 tonnes (220 tons) per hour.


When assembled for work, the Omega J1065S measures4,650 mm (13’5.83”)in height, 4,100 mm (13’4.54”)wide, and 10,800 mm(35’6.91”) long. Being a modular design, the machine can also be disassembled to fit in a 12,192 mm (40’) shipping container for transporting. The weight of the unit is 25,000 kg (55,116 lbs).


Also available are the J1065M wheeled crusher and the J1065T – a tracked model.



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